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Do you want to learn to speak English?

Are you just starting out and would like to master speaking English as quickly as possible.

Then you have come to the right place!

Basic English is a simplified form of English that is a subset of normal English.

Created in 1930 by Charles Kay Ogden it uses just 850 English words to communicate anything and everything you might want to say on a day by day basis.

Using this system you too can learn to speak English rapidly and easily.

Learn just these 850 words and you will be able to talk to other English speaking people, no matter what their level of English!

Native speakers will understand everything you say because although Basic English uses just 850 words it is a natural subset of normal English.

Learning 50 words a day will have you up and running in no time (17 days) and give you the confidence to continue and expand your knowledge of English by speaking and learning both at the same time.

Perhaps you do not believe this is possible so we encourage you read on.

Created in 1930 by Charles Kay Ogden as a simple English anyone can learn quickly, BASIC ENGLISH is the easiest and quickest way to begin speaking and talking English and uses just 850 words.

Click Here To View Charles Kay Ogden’s Basic English System

Each word was carefully chosen by Ogden to have the most use for everyday conversation.

Amazingly using just these 850 words it is possible to say almost everything in English.

EXAMPLE: The Bible In 850 Words.

Learn how to say these 850 words and you too can begin to speak and talk English today!

Imagine if you could take the whole of the English language and cut it down to just 850 words.

850 words that allowed you to say everything.

Imagine how easy and fast it would be to learn and speak English.

Well that’s exactly what Charles Ogden did!

He took all the thousands and thousands of words found in the English language and distilled them down to the most essential and frequently used 850 words.

He found that by using just these 850 words, students could not only learn much faster, but also start to speak much sooner.

Now, you too can take advantage of this amazing break through in English language learning.

If you want to learn English and start speaking English faster than any other way, then it makes sense to begin with the most important and most used words that will enable you to create a solid foundation.

Words that are used every day and will get you up and speaking English in less time than any other system.

Welcome to Speak & Learn English!

Where learning just the 850 words that make up Basic English, will not only increase your knowledge and understanding of the language, but also allow you to begin to speak English as fast as humanly possible!

Say hello to BASIC ENGLISH your passport to speaking English quickly and well!