Learn English Fast

Just 100 Words Make Up Over 50% Of The Words People Use To Speak On A Daily Basis

Imagine What You Can Do With 850

Not just any 850!

The 850 words that have been scientifically proven to be the most useful and can be demonstrated to be able to allow a person to say almost everything they could possibly want to.

Congratulations! You have found Basic English.

The language specially created to help second language learners achieve rapid progress and master learning English in the most efficient and effective way.

By learning just these 850 words you too will be able to communicate to others in English!

Even though it still sounds normal for native speakers, Ogden’s BASIC ENGLISH is a simplified English with no verbs.

Using a controlled small vocabulary and 18 “operators” instead of verbs there are no conjunctions to remember.

This makes learning straight forward.

What the World needs most is about 1,000 more dead languages and one more alive.
— C. K. Ogden, The System of Basic English

Ogden’s word list consist of 850 core words.


These words are extended with a set of affixes and forms allowed for any available word, which in effect makes the core vocabulary sufficient for everyday use.

Once you have mastered these 850 words there are another 150 which can help in particular specialized areas such as work.

Word use is similar to full English but there are far fewer and much simpler rules with less exceptions.

It should be noted that not all meanings of each word are allowed.

Ogden’s rules of grammar for Basic English can help people quickly begin to talk about things and events in a normal way.

Never before has there been such a simple and effective way to start learning English.

Start today and speak tomorrow!